1. Wearable gesture interface
  2. 3D HUD
  3. Mapping real-world objects into virtual reality

The future of technology is already here, it just needs to take a few more steps to fully mature. Augmented reality mobile games are just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come, similar to how audio CDs were a precursor to greater things.

Imagine waking up and putting on special lenses that allow you to seamlessly integrate virtual objects and concepts into reality. Files, documents, spreadsheets, and images are just the beginning. Every flat surface becomes a display, keyboard, or touchpad. Hold a piece of paper and it’s instantly converted into digital form, spell checking and reformatting performed on the spot. Do we even need to print anything anymore?

Glance at your smartphone and see your account balance. Check your mailbox for emails. Your wedding anniversary pops up on your spouse’s head three days before the big day. Prices and personal discounts are as visible as the products themselves. Need to know the weather forecast? Just look to the sky, no astrology required.

“Where’s my bus?” you ask. You see it clearly just around the next few turns and it arrives in 3 minutes and 15 seconds, with two seats left by the window. You take your favorite one.

Change the color of your room, switch up that boring picture, or display your favorite TV channel. And what if we take it even further? Instant night vision? Holograms floating beside you? Fully immersive 3D movies in theaters or surgery rooms? We’re going to be able to create experiences so incredible and captivating that no science fiction author could have predicted.

I have no doubt that we’ll see some of this magic in our lifetime.