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HTTP Proxy in Rails

Sometimes you want to hide a backend system behind a frontend Rails app without using nginx and likes. I’ll leave a discussion why it’s a bad idea until the next...

Jade vs HTML

Over the past 20 years the Internet has dramatically changed. We went from very basic and fully static websites to advanced web-based apps, with beautiful designs and intuitive UI.

Secrets of End-to-end Testing with Meteor.js

How often did you want to have a great end-to-end testing framework for your Meteor app, but couldn’t find one? There are several solutions available, such as Laika and Velocity, but...

4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started with Meteor.js

If you haven’t heard about the new framework for rapid prototyping and development, then you should certainly check Meteor’s website and the examples.

The Most Powerful Drug on Earth

Did you know that there is a very powerful drug exists today? A drug more powerful than ketamine, LSD, cocaine, and heroin - combined. It has the following properties:

Linux find Tips&Tricks

All of you should be familiar with find command. I’d like to share some tricks that saved me lots of time in the past.