What if... we combine all the three breathtaking technologies into one concept?

Exciting Technology

Wearable gesture interface, 3D HUD, and mapping real-world objects into virtual reality.

The technology of the future is already here. It just should take several steps to become full-fledged. All these augmented reality mobile games were just a prelude to something greater, like audio CDs were.

Imagine waking up, and putting on special “lens”, which would allow you to fully embed virtual objects and concepts into reality. Files, documents, spreadsheets, not to say about images, photos etc. Every flat surface is a display, or a keyboard, or a touchpad. Every sheet of paper you are holding gets instantly converted into a digital form, spell checking performed, reformatting done; everything just on the very piece of paper. Oh yeah, do we still need to physically print anything?

You look at your (home) phone and see the balance. You can even use your (real) mailbox to receive (e-)mails. The wedding anniversary just gets displayed right on the top of your spouse’s head three days before. Prices and your personal discounts are just as visible as products themselves. Wanna know weather forecast? Just look to the skies; no astrology involved.

Where is my bus? Right behind the next several turns, I can see it clearly, and it arrives on schedule in 3 minutes 15 seconds. Two seats left behind the window, I take one, it’s my favorite.

You can change color of your room. Change boring picture to something new, or to your favorite TV channel.

What if we take another step further? How about instant night vision? Holograms, which float next to you? Fully immersible 3D picture in (movie) theaters, or surgery rooms? We will be able to build experiences so amazing and attractive that no sci-fiction authors have ever predicted.

Having said all that, I strongly believe that we may see some of this magic happening in our lifetime. Wanna be a part of it?