Open Source Worked Out Differently

Open Source Worked Out Differently

I remember that back in early 2000s everyone was expecting open-source to take over the world: user applications and operating systems. It seemed like all we needed was a little push to make Linux desktop just a little bit better, a little bit friendlier so your grandma could install it.

In the end, open-source worked. But it worked differently. Modern Ubuntu 19 is almost as clunky and buggy as the first version released 15 years ago. The same is true for pretty much all GUI user apps that you find on a modern Linux platform.

What is different is how much more mature server-side open-source products became. Mysql, Apache, nginx, Redis, Memcached, Python, Ruby, Rails, Django, heck - even Android - and thousands of others.

Big companies built their entire systems on them. Now businesses - big and small - embrace open-source tools, even though they more often than not do not even know it’s open-source. They are unfamiliar with philosophy that Richard Stallman was pushing forward so hard. GNU is where it was 20 years ago. But open-source is here!

Mr. Stallman might not like what state it is right now, but we’re all benefiting from it greatly.

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