Making a Change

Probably you’ve noticed lack of updates recently, and there was a good reason for that. My life has dramatically transformed over the past several months as I moved to a different country.

I don’t want to put you to sleep with boring details. Just enough to say that I’ve been working on making this move a reality during the past 3 years. The main reason for that was quite simple: I wanted to make a difference in the world, shaping it into a better place to live. Canada offered much more opportunities for doing that than Russia did.

In Russia I’ve been involved in the protest movement that wanted to overthrow the oppressive Putin’s regime. I even ran for Moscow City Council once.

When I moved to Canada, I’ve got a full-time job in Digital TV industry. Probably, I should have been really happy about that. But I haven’t. I wanted to challenge the status quo, to create something really important, to move this world a little bit forward with my work.

Have you ever felt the same? Did you feel that you were wasting your precious (and, honestly, limited) time on your current job, sitting on your arse in the office, working for an incredibly inefficient and boring company?

I can’t help but wonder how many people out there who is desperate for a change. Sure enough, someone has always “really good” reasons not to change anything, even if he hates his job. Family needs, loans, credit cards, mortgage, and the lifestyle in general that is impossible to keep once he decides to leave for a search of something better.

The good news is that you have much more opportunities to work freely and independently, than in any given point of human history before.

Everyone keeps telling me that to have a job is “a blessing”, that I should be grateful for having it, especially as a newcomer to Canada. I’ve heard dozens of stories about highly-professional and educated people staying unemployed for 6 months or more. Some of them even had to fly back to their home countries out of desperation.

I’m an optimist and a strong believer that the only limitations we have are those we set in our heads. There is nothing else - as Rumi once said: “Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?” This prison of your “common sense”, of some wrong beliefs that you accumulated during your lifetime.

“I’m capable of just this much”

“I need this and this aligned once in a blue moon in order to start doing this”

“I’m not a genius”

“I was born in a wrong country / in a poor family”

“I’m not smart / attractive / fit / whatever enough”

What a nonsense! Just a plain bullshit.

You might even have come to believe over the years that these barriers in your mind were made of steel. You convinced yourself that they were impenetrable. And, unwittingly, by just thinking so, you made these barriers exactly that - something seemingly impossible for you to break through.

You can change that. You can crush these obstacles with ease - if you just have enough courage and persistence to apply the same determination that helped you to create them in the first place.

The Change

The original post was written in March, when I was just thinking of leaving my day job in order to focus on something bigger, something better, something more demanding and challenging.

In April I gave a resignation letter to my employer.

Since then I tested and pivoted several business ideas. From obvious and safe of being a freelancer - more on that in following posts - to starting a local farm food delivery company.

Most of that didn’t work, and I’m still in a desperate search for something that will fly. But I’ve got my first check just a couple of days ago, while working independently, and it gave me some hope that my efforts were starting to pay off.

Please feel free to share your experience and advice.

What challenges have you faced before?

How did you overcome them?

What do you want to see covered here next?

I’m still committed to providing you with the best Linux/Rails-related advice, and will greatly appreciate any feedback!