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Very often we can see funny pictures with some weird autocomplete options being offered by Google.

There are many such examples, but it’s still not entirely clear what are the algorithms which power it.

I do not work for Google, but even if I did it would be impossible to share this information due to NDA or whatever else they have there.

Fortunately, I don’t need all that to try to collect some data which is provided by this Auto Complete feature.

So, only for fun, I’ve just launched this experiment (now defunct):

Fun Query

Fun Query

It regularly queries Google Auto Complete API and collects queries offered by it. As a basis, a list of 3000 most used English words (according to Oxford Dictionary) is used, plus some funny additions. After going through this list, the tool provides sortable results along with ratings and graphical trend representation. You can also quickly go to the relevant Google/Compete page, which shows details about query or site selected.

It’s updated on a daily basis, and includes all the latest trends as well:

Fun Query

So, see for yourself and have fun :) And if you have any suggestions/feedback/feature requests - all this is highly welcomed in the comments below!